Zhengzhou Gaofu Fertilizer Co., Ltd (hereinafter named as Gaofu Company) is evolved from “Zhengzhou Lexishi Chemical Fertilizer Factory” founded by professor Xu xiu-cheng in Zhengzhou University who is known as “the son of fertilizer” and the pioneer and founder of compound fertilizer in China. The founder of Gaofu, Mr Hu Jianmin, is a student of professor Xu, who has followed professor Xu in fertilizer research and production for a long time.

Under the guidance of professor Xu, at the beginning of its founding, the company took scientific research as the guide, following the development trend of fertilizer in the world, and led the development direction of slow-release fertilizer in China, which was aiming at promoting the fertilizer utilization rate to achieve the international advanced level (especially nitrogen fertilizer utilization rate) as well as could produce field crops affordable slow-release fertilizer as the ultimate target.

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