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Gaofu fertilizer product exchange meeting was successfully held in Liuzhou City, Guangxi

2020-10-17 10:34:23

Zhengzhou Gaofu Fertilizer CO.,LTD. hosted product exchange in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region On October 17, 2020. The golf course superintendents in Guangxi Region gathered in beautiful Liuzhou city to share their management experiences.

At 2 pm on that day, the meeting began on time. First of all, Mr Hu Jianmin, general manager of Zhengzhou Gaofu Fertilizer Co., Ltd., addressed an opening speech. Hu said that we would produce golf fertilizer products more suitable for Guangxi region through technical research and development according to your requirements. Secondly, Zhong Changming, the superintendents of Qingxiu Mountain Golf Club in Nanning, delivered a speech, highly appreciating Gaofu company for sponsoring this annual exchange activities, so that every participant could learn and exchange experience in improving golf turf maintenance abilities.

Subsequently, Mr Hu gave a lecture on the characteristics of polyurea formaldehyde. Polyurea formaldehyde is a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer developed by our company, which can improve the utilization rate of fertilizer and reduce the cost and labor. Yan Shengyuan, manager of Gao Fu Fertilizer Business, lectured on the application of IBDU fertilizer in the golf courses.

Finally, Guangxi regional superintendent took turn to exchange their own experiences in using Gao Fu fertilizer products with the hope of improving the overall turf quality in Guangxi province.

In the evening, the annual Gao Fu welcome dinner was held and the lottery after the dinner left every participants a sweet memory and decent rewards.

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