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Zhengzhou Gaofu Fertilizer Co., Ltd (hereinafter named as Gaofu Company) is evolved from “Zhengzhou Lexishi Chemical Fertilizer Factory” founded by professor Xu xiu-cheng in Zhengzhou University who is known as “the son of fertilizer” and the pioneer and founder of compound fertilizer in China. The founder of Gaofu, Mr Hu Jianmin, is a student of professor Xu, who has followed professor Xu in fertilizer research and production for a long time.

Under the guidance of professor Xu, at the beginning of its founding, the company took scientific research as the guide, following the development trend of fertilizer in the world, and led the development direction of slow-release fertilizer in China, which was aiming at promoting the fertilizer utilization rate to achieve the international advanced level (especially nitrogen fertilizer utilization rate) as well as could produce field crops affordable slow-release fertilizer as the ultimate target. After more than 20 years of continuous research investment, striking progress has been made in the slow-release fertilizer production technology, and producing costs have been greatly reduced, which makes high-priced slow-release fertilizers only used for upmarket cash crops such as golf course lawns, gardens, flowers and other high-end cash crop in the past be available to field crops.

Since its establishment in 1993, the company has developed more than 100 professional fertilizer products covering a dozen series. The series of products have not only been widely used in 90% of the domestic golf courses, sharing more than 50% market, but also exported to more than 20 countries and regions, such as Europe, America, Australia, Africa, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and so on.

With the continuous development of Gaofu Company and the improvement of technical level, the long-term slow-release compound fertilizer production technology based on polyurea formaldehyde slow-release nitrogen fertilizer ranks leading level in the world, which reduces the production cost greatly and paves the way to be popularized and applied in large agricultural production. Through many years of agrochemical experiments carried out by Chinese Academy of Sciences-Nanjing Institute of Soil Science, Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other scientific research institutes, it has been validated that the series of slow-release fertilizers produced by Gaofu Company have been applied as base fertilizer in paddy, wheat, corn and other field crops at one-time application, without topdressing and increasing cost but increasing yield at a certain degree. Moreover, one-time fertilizing greatly saves the labor expenditure as well as reduces the labor intensity. Compared with traditional fertilizers, the agronomic utilization rate of slow-release nitrogen fertilizer can achieve more than 50% in the current season, having better economic, social and environmental effectiveness, which can reduce the influence of ammonia nitrogen volatilization on haze formation and alleviate the pollution to water body caused by fertilizer infiltration.

With the wide promotion and popularization of Gaofu’s products in China, the fertilizer utilization rate in China can be promoted from the under-developed position in the world to the advanced level. It will definitely play an important role in realizing the goal of reducing nitrogen and improving quality and efficiency of fertilizer in China, and will also make great contributions to the early realization of peaking carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutralization in China.

Gaofu focusing on intellectual property protection, has applied for an ocean of invention and utility model patents. Patent number: 201710069588.X “continuous chemical reactor”, application number or patent number:201810139341.5 “a multi-layer coated structure slow controlled release fertilizer and its preparation method”, application number or patent number :201810132053.“One core-shell structure controlled release fertilizer and its preparation method”, international patent PCT/CN2017-108245“a continuous chemical reactor”, international patent PCT/CN2018-109655“one multilayer coating structure controlled release fertilizer and its preparation method”, international patent PCT/CN2018-109651“one core-shell structure controlled release fertilizer and its preparation method”. Gaofu company has registered 70 trademarks, and become one of companies with the most registered trademarks in the compound fertilizer industry in China. Gaofu company actively participates in the formulation of national and industry standards. Founded by Gaofu company and drafted with the National Fertilizer Standards Committee, the national industry standard: HG/T 4136-2010 “Golf Turf Fertilizer and Soil Conditioning Agent” was formulated.

The company has authorized by China Environmental Management System Certification GB/T24001-2016/ISO14001-2015, Quality Management System Certification GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001-2015 and other qualifications

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