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Manganese Sulphate Monohydrate

Used for the drier of printing ink, oil paint, and synthetic fatty acid, manufactruing manganese compound,eletrolyzing metal manganese,as well as taking advantage of manganese oxide to coloration, textile printing, papermaking, ceramic paint, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

Product Parameter

Agriculture Grade and Feed Grade(Powder)


MnSO4·H2O ≥98% Pb ≤0.0015%
Mn ≥31.8% As ≤0.0005%
Water Insoluble Matter ≤0.05% Granular size (250μm ) ≥95%

Usage:1. As material in producing Mn fertilizer (granular or power) or spraying leaves directly.

2. Feeding additive.

Agriculture Grade(Granular)


MnSO4·H2O ≥95% Pb ≤0.0015%
Mn ≥31% As ≤0.0005%
Water Insoluble Matter ≤0.05% Granular size(SGN) 110,150,250

Usage:Offer manganese as material in BB fertilizer or direct application on plant.

Industry Grade (Powder)


MnSO4·H2O ≥98% Water Insoluble Matter ≤0.05%
Mn ≤0.004% PH 5.0-7.0
Cl ≤0.004% Granular size( 250μm) ≥95%

Used for the drier of printing ink, oil paint, and synthetic fatty acid, manufactruing manganese compound,eletrolyzing metal manganese,as well as taking advantage of manganese oxide to coloration, textile printing, papermaking, ceramic paint, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

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